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S & S Connections has a phased approach to B & T Alignment that is unrivaled by our competitors. We approach by asking the question that so many companies often overlook, “How do our clients satisfy their clients?” By keeping this point in mind and to the forefront of our S-360-S Analysis©, the first phase of our B & T Alignment, we bridge your goals — the desired future with the realities of your business within the context of your industry. Another phase of our S-360-S Analysis © is an in-depth assessment of your technological assets. We have discovered that many companies have more technological assets than they realize — while others are continuously spending money on more technology than they need. S & S Connections strives to uncover and utilize those assets, consolidate those assets to reduce your overhead where possible, streamline your business processes by adequately aligning your technology with your business operations, and educate our clients through easy-to-follow technology strategies and roadmaps. Every conversation with S & S Connections is a value-added one-one conversation that can save you hundreds of dollars and help you earn the same — one implementation can mean thousands.

Technology is a force multiplier – nothing more, nothing less. We are dedicated to multiplying your force within your industry through exceptional service and support and by connecting your business to your future.


S & S Connections can help you find the proper hardware for your needs. From a full PC package for a complete solution to individual components for those who want to upgrade, we will work with you to find the best products. We pride ourselves on creating solutions that fit your needs and your budget, while building on future growth capabilities.


S & S Connections’ technicians are experienced in diagnosing and repairing virtually any PC problem that you will encounter. Our first priority is getting you back up and running. We will keep you informed of developments, offer advice on how to prevent similar situations, and warn you if we detect other potential problems. S & S Connections also offers maintenance contracts in many convenient formats.
Procurement, configuration, deployment, replacement, upgrade, or break/fix — S & S Connections has the experience to streamline the management of your PC environment and reduce the required capital of your total investment. Application installation, troubleshooting, management, email “spam” filtering, anti-virus software, printer repair & maintenance, help desk, and call center services — S & S Connections provides PC services & support.
S & S Stands for Service and Support. S & S Connections supports all PC makes and models. We also support various network platforms. S & S Connections offers maintenance contracts in many convenient formats. We will work with you to find the best solution for the type of support that you need.

Security Consulting

With the increased adoption of new IoT, mobility, and cloud technologies comes more significant exposure to security risks. We help customers implement proactive strategies to detect, prevent, and rapidly respond to breaches when they do occur.
S & S Connections, Inc. holds partnerships and expertise around products and solutions from security leaders. We leverage their best-of-breed solutions to address every layer of defense. Our robust security solutions include the following:
PCI Compliance, HIPPA Compliance, SOX Compliance, Risk Assessment, Web App Testing, Social Engineering, and Incident Response

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