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S&S Connections is dedicated to finding the best solutions

S &S Connections is dedicated to finding the best solutions for any given environment and circumstance. With extensive real-world enterprise-level experience, S & S Connections can help you develop short-term and long-term information systems strategies to give your company the edge. Our strategic alliances give us unsurpassed technical expertise on virtually any information systems requirements. We pride ourselves on projects, large and small, giving each the same attention to detail.

Our mission is to make your business better through technology

We offer discovery, documentation, and unbiased Analysis to serve as a valuable guide toward future planning. This Analysis often identifies unknown issues that may cause downtime, data loss, or business.

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S &S Connections has extensive experience in designing large and small local area and wide area networks. We have developed networks for many large corporations, some with more than 200 nodes. We have also designed network solutions for property management companies, copy centers, law firms, check cashing facilities, television production companies, and many other industries. We can accommodate nearly all specifications such as network protocols, brands, physical mediums, locations, etc. We have implemented local area and wide area networks using varied technologies. We have continued to adapt to new technologies to find the best solution to any networking need.

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Remaining vendor-neutral, S & S Connections provides customers with unbiased best-fit solutions designed for their individual business needs.




Customized managed services provide low fixed costs for monthly services at highly discounted rates. Managed services simplify budgeting and management of the information systems critical to businesses.