Nurse Legal Consultant Programs

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Nurse legal consultants in private practice must develop a multi-faceted business plan that includes a reasonable budget for office rent, marketing costs, travel expenses, costs of office equipment and supplies, liability and other insurance premiums, non-billable activities required, employee salaries and benefits, and many others. Students will take five weeks of a weekly in-person course that will give them the opportunity to learn from practicing lawyers, judges, risk management experts, small business owners, and legal care consultants, and then complete the rest of the academic work asynchronously. In the second part of the course, students complete a 168-hour internship with a lawyer or legal nurse consultant. The entire 6-credit CNL course typically lasts six months. Nurse Law Advisors bridge the gap between medicine and the justice system, analyzing critical medical information when resolving cases. They help interpret and translate the intricacies of medical evidence and can play a huge role in the outcome of cases. Upon completion of the course, you will receive 33 hours of nursing training that can be used to renew the state`s Registered Nurse license. This course is taught by experienced lawyers, including renowned nurse legal consultant, Jennifer Graham, RN. The Legal Nurse Consultant training course at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension is known as one of the best legal nurse consultant programs available to nurses in the field today. Through this program, registered nurses learn to become experts in helping health care institutions, law firms and others who invest in law and health care get the information they need to properly defend their constituents. Nurse consultants deal with medical and legal issues such as criminal custody cases, risk management, personal injury, workers` compensation, case management, product liability, health care licensing issues, insurance issues, etc. Graduates of the Legal Nurse Consultant program provide medical litigation assistance in a number of practice areas, such as: As a post-bachelor`s degree program, Wilmington University`s Legal Nurse Consultant certificate requires nurses to first complete a BSN. However, the program allows online study and nurses can use all credits completed in the program to earn a university degree.

Because the program uses actual college courses and credits, the cost is higher than other programs. Anyone interested in becoming a legal nursing consultant and eventually earning an MSN could get a head start thanks to Wilmington. First, check out the careers pages of the websites of the medical malpractice practices and CNL consulting firms you are interested in. There are many online resources available for job search, including nursing social media sites, career sites, and dedicated nursing career sites like our own job site This program is presented in a hybrid format that allows students to continue working in nursing while becoming nursing consultants. Wake Forest faculty understands the unique challenges faced by students working full-time as part of their graduate studies, and the online program allows students to learn at their own pace and at their own time. This program allows Wake Forest School of Medicine and the School of Law to work together, and the program concludes with a mock trial at the School of Law. This program prepares health professionals for careers in the legal field as nurse legal consultants. The Washington Online Learning Institute, a fully online educational institution, offers two legal nurse consultant pathways: a four-month legal nurse consultant option or a seven-month senior legal nurse consultant option. Most registered nurses choose the four-month pathway because this certificate prepares nurses to become legal nurses in all 50 states.

Although WOLI is the least recognizable institution on this list, the incredibly low cost of this program makes it a great option for many registered nurses. This exciting program prepares registered nurses (RNs) and physician assistants (PAs) for careers in the legal field as legal nurse consultants. Building on the medical education and clinical experience of RNs and PAs, this course provides RNs and PAs with the foundational skills to advise law firms, health care providers, insurance companies and government agencies on medical matters and to act as expert witnesses in court. Wilmington University`s Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate and DNP program are widely regarded as one of the best legal nurse consultant programs available to students today. Students in this program learn to become experts in how care can be applied to legal issues. In this program, students use intensive critical thinking skills to apply their nursing knowledge to complex legal cases. If you`re wondering about the potential benefits of a legal nurse consultant certificate, they are as follows: The Bergen Community College Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate is one of the best legal nurse consultant programs available to medical professionals today. Graduates of this program are prepared to apply a variety of skills to legal affairs, including legal research, interviews, investigations, document creation, filing applications, etc. Students are also able to understand what the legal community expects of them as experts.

This program helps students testify and speak effectively in a professional yet easy manner for individuals who do not have advanced medical training. Students who complete this program will be well prepared to advise health care providers, law firms, insurance companies, government agencies, and others on legal matters. California State University produces well-rounded graduates who are prepared to serve as legal nursing consultants in many situations.

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