Nike Legal Issues 2020

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In February 2020, the Washington Post reported that a major Nike supplier factory, Qingdao Taekwang Shoes Co., had employed Uighurs from China`s Xinjiang region. The article referred to a report that Uighurs at the Taekwang factory were “working in conditions highly indicative of forced labor.” Nike is also involved in lobbying. In February 2020, Nike was listed as a member of the American Council for International Trade (USCIB). Ethical Consumer viewed the USCIB as a corporate lobby group advocating free trade at the expense of the environment, animal welfare, human rights or health protection. Below, we describe some of these issues. To view Nike`s full detailed stories and overall ethics review, please sign up or subscribe. According to, the company spent $1,180,000 on lobbying in 2019 and made $511,737 in political donations to the Republican and Democratic parties during the 2020 election cycle. In addition, in 2019, 32 of Nike Inc.`s 38 lobbyists reportedly held government positions. The lawsuit could set a precedent for the type of NFT that can be created, and it could also tarnish StockX`s reputation.

Nike`s professional relationship with the online marketplace StockX appears to have deteriorated. The two companies are engaged in a legal battle that began with NFTs and intensified with allegations of selling counterfeit sneakers. A key aspect of StockX`s business is the guarantee of authenticity, which the company says has an accuracy rate of over 99%. Before the resale site`s debut in 2016, sneaker enthusiasts often made transactions for rare shoes in person, at stores or conventions, or tried on eBay. However, listings on eBay came with risks as there was no easy way to authenticate sneakers before buying. eBay launched its own authenticity program for sneakers in 2020. Adidas also lost a challenge to the validity of two Nike Flyknit patents in a US appeals court in 2020. In the filing, Stallworth and Dickerson`s legal team writes that they tried to get the incident out of their heads, but that it stuck with them, adding that “the depth of this damage cannot be overstated.” (Nike did not respond to a request for comment from FN.) The litigation has the potential to establish legal guidelines for NFTs, which currently have minimal restrictions. NFTs have become popular on the art scene and collectors, from characters who are part of the Bored Ape Yacht Club to virtual sneakers sold by Nike itself.

Some NFTs have brought in millions of dollars, but the total value of NFTs has declined in recent months. On Wednesday, Nike asked a federal judge to keep parts of a full trial for sexual harassment and gender discrimination secret, triggering a potential legal battle over some of the trial`s most sensitive cases. The case will be heard under a protection order, a legal measure that allows lawyers to share confidential information, including sensitive personal files, more quickly and freely. Good On You reviews take into account hundreds of issues, and it`s not possible to list all relevant topics in a summary of brand performance. You can find more information on our “How we evaluate” page and in our FAQ. “Nike`s recent filing is not only unfounded, but also curious, as their own brand protection team has instilled trust in our authentication program and hundreds of Nike employees – including current executives – are using StockX to buy and sell products,” the company said. “This latest tactic is nothing short of a panicked and desperate attempt to reignite the lost legal battle against our innovative Vault NFT program, which is revolutionizing the way consumers can buy, store and sell collectibles safely, efficiently and sustainably. We examined a variety of ethical issues, including human rights, labour rights, supply chain management, pollution and toxins, habitats and resources, environmental reporting, the use of controversial technologies, political activities, anti-social financing, and animal rights.

While the change in leadership promised to usher in a new era, other issues continued to weigh on the company. Several top runners have publicly criticized Nike for the way it treats, punishes and suspends pregnant athletes` salaries, a public relations nightmare that prompted Nike to update its maternity policy. It has also revised its contracts with female athletes and recently launched a sports maternity clothing line called Nike(M). Salazar also tested a supplement that converts fat into energy, called L-carnitine, and arranged for an assistant trainer to receive an infusion of 1,000 ml, well above the allowed limit of 50 ml. In December 2011, he emailed Armstrong, the disgraced cyclist, saying, “Lance, call me as soon as possible! We tested it and it`s amazing! You are the only athlete I will tell the actual numbers other than Galen Rupp. It`s too unbelievable. All of this is completely legal and natural. “Athletics was just part of his heart,” said Doug Logan, general manager of USA Track and Field from 2008 to 2010. “Phil had a little suite in an office building near Hayward Field, where he was entertaining. He had no more fun in his life than sitting up there on that little balcony of a university building and watching the track meetings. Nike is the world`s largest supplier and manufacturer of footwear, apparel and sporting goods. The company is committed to promoting the safety, health and well-being of people and the environment.

The brand has since received much praise for its efforts. A few years ago, Business of Fashion reported that Nike had managed to transform its tarnished image into a “recognized leader in sustainability.” Morgan Stanley even ranked Nike as “the most sustainable apparel and footwear company in North America for its environmental and social performance, including its workforce record.” Nike does not use fur, angora or other exotic animal hair or skins in its products, which is a step in the right direction. However, he uses leather, wool and down feathers without citing sources. This lack of transparency is problematic because the welfare of animals and workers is unknown. For this reason, we have rated the brand “Not Good Enough” for animal welfare and hope that further progress will be made soon.

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