Nankang Ar1 Road Legal Uk

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We can get any Nankang tire you need, from road specification to full track tire. Call us for a price that suits your size requirements. If you use your car for quick use on the road and track. You`ll want to try Nankang Motorsport`s new Road Legal range! AR-1 = OK on the road, but offer the best performance on the Nankang AR-1 track, developed with very frequent track day users In MindRoad Legal – 10% Fast Road/90% TrackThe Nankang AR-1 is available in 13″ to 20″ with more sizes added all the time. The AR-1 is a faster, more sophisticated racing tire for track enthusiasts looking for lap times. With only one compound option and all tires produced with a tread depth of 5.5 mm, the AR-1 is positioned among the major players in the rail tire market. Used as control tires for the M3 Cup, 330 challenge and Classic VW Cup, as well as podium tires in open tire series such as CSCC New Millennium and 750MC Club Enduro As the Nankang range continues to evolve and the 2019 100TW tires of 17″ and above now include a Kevlar lining, This further increases stability and consistency. The AR-1 is designed to combat high-intensity race tracks such as the Nürburgring and Spa. The AR-1 has been awarded the EU tyre mark, giving it the MSA 1BTECH SPEC list. The optimal camber settings for the Nankang AR1 are between -1 and -3 degrees, depending on the vehicle. This story goes back to GTI International, where we witnessed a track day with a customer who has a heavily modified Cayman S (pictured below) with Toyo R888Rs and spent the day accelerating on the Rockingham National track. Unfortunately, the R888R bulged in the side on the first day of the day and we found ourselves without a safe set of tires to continue until the 2nd day of the event. Thankanky Nankang was at the show with their AR-1-equipped 993 Cup car, which had wheels similar to the Cayman, albeit 20mm narrower at the front and rear of the Toyo R888R configuration.

Nankang kindly lent us the bike and the set of tires for the day. As above, but use the highest indicated weight values for your cold pressures. For example, < 800 kg use 27.5 psi and descend after warm-up laps. However, there are some countries to which we do not deliver, some of them are: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Nigeria, Macedonia, Syria, Ukraine, Lebanon. Don`t forget to use the promo code "shipgrip" at checkout for FREE UK shipping! Optimal drop settings between -1.0 and -3.0 degrees For European customers, prices that are now displayed in the shopping cart once you have entered your address will be removed 20% UK VAT, but you will have to pay any form of duty/VAT before delivering your goods. If you are unsure of the charges, we recommend that you contact the local authorities before ordering. Not everything on our site is in stock, if you need a part urgently, please contact us first to confirm availability before placing your order. NAN-AR1-215-45-17-TRT ARE THE TESTED TYRES FOR TEGIWA TYPE R TROPHY Used as control tyres in championships such as BMW 1 Series SuperCup, Civic Challenge & Classic VW Cup and as podium tyres in open tyre series such as Tourismo X, BMWCCR and 750MC Club Enduro You can order here in our online shop or call us or send us an e-mail at the following number / address: Phone: 0161 507 5005 E-mail: You can order online or by e-mail. Email: The AR-1 has been selected as a control tire for several championships as well as several open tire series such as the CSCC New Millennium Series. That`s how we came across the Nankang range, and now we are happy to offer it to customers! We also fitted our own Golf 7R with the Nankang AR-1 and the tyres have since exposed other areas of the chassis that need to be optimised to maximise their performance. With the PSC2, the car slid a lot on the track and turned the wheels, with the AR-1, this is omitted.

If anyone wants to test drive the AR-1, visit our garage at the Live Tuner booth and we`ll take you for a few passenger rides! If you have any handling problems, please read the table below that can solve your problem, remember to do it in small steps. Sizes for the AR-1 start at 175/50 X 13 and go up to 305/30 x 20. These are standard equipment for all our factory-built cars and we recommend them for serious or faster track enthusiasts. Yes, we do, almost anywhere in the world, but keep in mind that shipping costs are often high when something bulky is shipped. Most bulky items we export go through UPS, so you can track the package online and reach America within 48 hours if it`s in stock! As the Nankang lineup continues to evolve, the 2019 100TW tires now include a Kevlar liner of 17″ and above, further increasing stability and consistency. Designed to combat high-intensity circuits such as the Nürburgring and Spa. For your safety and ours, we use well-known couriers such as DPD Local and UPS for shipping, so we always know exactly where it is in the world and we know it will arrive safely. Shipping small items can be cheap, but items like body kits are expensive to ship – we have a very small margin on shipping just to cover the packaging. We can now ship some items by standard courier, but all methods may incur import charges if you receive the goods for which we cannot be responsible. The AR-1 has received the European tyre marking, which allows it to be on the MSA 1B list With only one compound option and all tyres produced with a tread depth of 5.5mm, the AR-1 is positioned among the major players in the racing tyre market.

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