Monroe County Florida Clerk of Court Phone Number

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Great news! E-Notify is now available for all Florida counties. Connect to to receive SMS or email notifications about criminal events, such as hearings. Once you have completed these forms, the self-help specialist will review them for registration requirements and notarize them for you. Our support staff will NOT fill out forms for you, give you legal advice, or represent you in court. Each form is accompanied by a set of instructions. It is important to remember that our Family Court staff provide these services to each party. It is not uncommon to provide support to both sides of a case. The information you provide to Family Court staff is not confidential and may be disclosed. If you have filed a lawsuit for dissolution of marriage and you have one or more minor children, Florida Act 61.21 requires both parents to take an approved parenting course. For your convenience, we have provided a list of these courses. Parenting course providers are subject to change, and if you require additional information, you can contact one of the Family Court staff listed here.

During normal working hours, you can apply for an injunction from one of the county`s 3 clerks. Outside of business hours and on weekends, you should contact the Monroe County Sheriff`s Office to refer you to the agency that will help you fill out the forms. Once the forms are completed, they are made available to a judge for review. If the judge finds that the application is well-founded, an injunction is issued and a notice of hearing is filed. The interim injunction and notice of hearing are served on the defendant. The formal hearing is scheduled within 15 days of receipt of the order. At this hearing, the injunction will either be dismissed at your request or, if you do not appear in court, extended by mutual agreement of both parties, or legal proceedings will take place and the injunction will be issued permanently, extended, rejected or, by order to the contrary, by the judge after hearing all witness statements. There is public parking (for a fee) within walking distance of the courthouse. If you are a judge, please click here for specific parking instructions. Contact with the judicial office.

An unrepresented litigant has the right to contact the judge`s office by telephone when it comes to matters concerning court scheduling and attendance. There are no other authorized purposes for communicating with the judge`s office. A visit to the judge`s office is particularly discouraged as it interferes with the day-to-day work of the office. Legal assistants are there to help the judge. It is not their duty to listen to the parties and their grievances or to advise on what to do. If someone insists on talking about unauthorized matters after being notified, court assistants have been ordered to hang up the phone or call a security guard, and they will report the misconduct to the judge. All requests to speak to the judge on the phone or to hold a private conference will be denied. Letters to the judge offering or discussing evidence in the case or attempting to influence the judge`s decision in the case are placed in the court file and copies are distributed to all parties. Such communications are strictly prohibited. Monroe County was formed in 1823 and occupied most of the southern Florida peninsula at the time. It has since been reduced to the Florida Keys and parts of Everglades National Park.

It was named in honor of President James Monroe. Its county seat is Key West. Florida is divided into twenty judicial circuits or jurisdictions, each consisting of circuit and county courts. Together with the five district courts of appeals and the Florida Supreme Court, they form the system of courts in the State of Florida. Financial affidavitTax returns for the past yearIRS Forms W-2, 1099 and K-1 for the past yearPay stubs or other proof of income for the last 3 months (link to the rule on Form 12,932 to The Family Court also handles case management in our Unified Family Court. The Unified Family Court handles all family matters involving the same children and families, while resolving family disputes fairly, promptly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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