Minimum Legal Size for a Bedroom

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Thanks for the practical information. I just had, I believe, a very inept appraiser who passed through my 1926 house in Placer County. He claimed that two of the bedrooms were not bedrooms because the closets were not at full height. These are dressing rooms with a ceiling of 2-3 feet 7` high, then fall to 4`. I will now be able to quote the IRC and have a good discussion with the next reviewer. The bedroom is 7.5 x 16 with a 48 inch high closet window by 58 baseboards heating and air conditioning it has a 60 inch opening and would like to install a 60 inch sliding door. Is it considered a bedroom? The bedroom has been shared, the other room is 10 1/2 by 18 closets are expected in newer homes and certainly in master bedrooms, but older ones may require a more creative approach to storing your clothes. I have a question about the definition of a bedroom. Adjoining our master is a 12×10 living room with its own front door (from the hallway) and a 7×6 entrance between the living room and the bedroom. It also has its own window to the outside. The living room as a switched wall lamp and socket. My question: If I close the opening between the framed and drywall rooms, it is now considered the 4th bedroom (it was sold to us as 3+ bedrooms).

Do I need to add a cabinet? Or could a fixed wardrobe work? We are in the SF zone and I would like to be classified as a 4 room for a higher valuation (and a better LTV for refinancing). Thank you for all the ideas. Sorry for the late response here. I had some health problems and I wasn`t at my desk. I`m just starting to come back (not even completely). A bedroom does not need access to a bathroom. Think of a 3 bed/1 bathroom house. In this situation, it is likely that none of the bedrooms will have direct access to a bathroom. That doesn`t mean they aren`t bedrooms.

It is hard to imagine exactly what you are talking about. To me, it looks like there is only one bathroom in one bedroom (like a classic master bedroom situation). This is a bathroom. Well, if it`s the only bathroom in the house and there are multiple bedrooms, then it`s a functional problem. This can make an already complicated situation even more confusing. The legal definition of a bedroom may vary by city, county or state. How do you know what a bedroom is? Unless your bedroom has an exterior door, you will need to provide a window that can be used as an emergency exit. The window opening must be at least 5.7 square feet and at least 24 inches high and 20 inches wide. The bottom of your exit window should be between 24 inches and 44 inches above the ground. To avoid functional obsolescence, a bedroom occupant should have access to and from a bathroom without going through a main living room. Or Ny other room. We have built many new homes in our area that have a “cave” next to the hearth.

The officers are trying to call it a third chamber. But that is not what is included in my report. We received an exam for a house we are under contract for today and I am quite confused. The house was listed as 4 bedrooms but the bill only came back with 3. He listed the 4th bedroom as an “office”. The bedroom is 12` x 11`, has a standard-sized window that meets the requirements listed above, and even has a large (but no walk-in) double closet. The only thing I can think of to explain why this is an office and not a bedroom is that the circuit breaker box is right next to this cabinet. Would that automatically disqualify it as a bedroom? The basic guideline to keep in mind when allocating space for a standard room is that it should be at least 120 square feet in size to comfortably accommodate a large bed. With pleasure, Chuck.

As far as I know, there is no minimum size standard. I think it`s normative that houses are about the same size as cabinets (next to the master). Therefore, I recommend that you make the cabinet about the same size as the other rooms so that there is uniformity. If you really want to go further, you can quickly call the construction department and ask them if there is a minimum cabinet size (the local construction department is the definitive source of standards in your market). Otherwise, assuming your home was built and coded with permits, I would say you should trust the size of your other cabinets as a guide for what you do in that other space. Best wishes. Hi Ashley. Thank you for contacting us. It is difficult to answer definitively since I have not seen your house and I do not know your market, but it seems that you are dealing with a 2 bedroom house because of functional obsolescence. If I were to evaluate a property like this, I would probably consider it a 2 bedroom unit with a den due to bathroom access (functional obsolescence).

Remember, this is not just a 2 bedroom because there is an extra cave. However, it`s also not a 3 bedroom (at least a traditional 3 bedroom). I guess if someone wanted to think of it as a 3 bedroom with functional obsolescence, we could probably end up with the same value, but the key is that it`s definitely not a normal 3 bedroom house, which is why I would probably say two bedrooms in most cases. I can imagine that buyers and tenants would probably not pay the same amount for such a layout as for a traditional 3-room layout. Counsel? If it is also possible to access from another area of the house, that would be great (preferably a hallway). Keep in mind that Fannie Mae collects data from appraisal reports, so if an appraiser has ever indicated that your home is two-bedroom, Fannie Mae already knows. Even if a new appraiser comes in and says 3 bedrooms, it can set off a red flag in the system, so the lender will at least ask the new appraiser what the agreement is with the discrepancy in the number of bedrooms. I hope this helps. Do you have any ideas? Hi John. I am not aware of any bed size requirements. If anyone knows something, keep talking. If a room was only 70 m², I can`t think of a bed bigger than a single or twin room that would fit.

I have seen such small rooms and the beds are always tiny. Thanks for the comment John. I live in Florida and I have a room above the garage where the builder made the frame of a bathroom and walk-in closet with all the electricity and plumbing. The bedroom door comes from a hallway, so it does not enter the garage and it follows all the guidelines for ceiling height and has a large window. We want to finish the room so that it adds an extra room and a full bathroom to our homes. My question is that it will be taken into account in the review for an extra bedroom and a full bathroom, do I need to connect my air conditioner/central heating to this area or can I just do it alone or a wall unit. It is only used as a playroom for us, so the standalone air conditioner will be better for us, but I want to lose equity for this reason. Thank you Let`s take a look at the most important furniture and space requirements to consider when renovating a bedroom. Whether you`re building a home extension or converting a room into a bedroom, it must comply with current building codes.

Hi John. Thank you for contacting us. It doesn`t look like a bedroom to me, as there is no exit to the outside. I can`t give you legal advice or tell you what to do in this situation, but I wish you all the best. Happy holidays. It`s hard to imagine your exact situation. It looks like there is one room and another “room” accessible only through the first room. If you really want to be specific, you can always record a video and then send me a private link so I can see what you`re talking about.

Otherwise, it seems that you only have one room for this décor. It`s hard to say how this affects your value. The loss of a bedroom can damage its value, but sometimes it`s not so bad. I think it also depends on how many other rooms you already have. For example, there may be a greater difference in value between 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom houses, but sometimes 3-bedroom houses don`t have too much difference in value between 4-bedroom houses. What for? Because buyers buy based on so many other factors such as layout, location, condition, etc. There is no automatic adjustment that is given for a 3 bedroom house compared to a 4 bedroom house. Sometimes they sell at eye level, but sometimes there is a difference in value. If there`s a premium for a 4th bedroom, sometimes it`s not just about the bedroom, it`s about the larger size compared to the three bedrooms. I hope this is not too much information, but I just wanted to give some substantive thoughts. Well, if you`re rated in 4 rooms, I`d recommend telling them you only have 3 rooms in case their formula cuts your taxes. 🙂 Having a closet in a room has long been considered a sign that the room is a legal bedroom.

However, the standards under this assumption have changed. Depending on the condition you are in, it may not be necessary to have a closet in a room for it to be considered a legal bedroom. Some states, such as Alabama, require a bedroom to have at least one window and closet. However, this is not the case across the country.

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