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Depending on where you live, there really aren`t many practical reasons to get married, aside from the “legal” aspects. Being officially “married” does not mean that your relationship will last, will not prevent infidelity, etc. This is often a great way to throw a big party, but otherwise, it often doesn`t accomplish much. I think couples who do this shouldn`t try to hide the fact that they`re already married, and I think that`s a bit too much if they`re already married but later re-enact a religious ceremony, especially if it`s a Catholic ceremony where the whole premise of the ceremony is that the couple is not married. but to each his own. So what you consider “already married,” I see as a government-approved legal contract. What you see as a “re-enactment,” I see as getting married. The fact is that we want to get married, but I would get a pay cut because I am paid to be his legal caregiver because he is disabled. The agency said that if he is my legal spouse, it is considered the duty of the spouse to take care of him, which is why they will reduce the salary. We will sign the papers as soon as we are financially stable enough, because we live in a very expensive area and cannot afford a pay cut How to make a circle a square? You can do all kinds of ceremonies and religious things or parties, nobody cares, but if you want to get married, you have to have a marriage license. It`s. Like what makes a marriage a legally binding contract. A small part of the family did not want to support pretending to be married because they felt it was not correct for religious or personal beliefs and was being lied to.

Okay, unless you are really getting married legally, as a guest, I would like to know that it was actually an engagement ceremony and not a wedding. That. Unless it`s not the U.S., it would be different, but the official health care reform website says you can stay in your parents` insurance until age 26, even if you`re married. Even religiously, marriage is a legal contract (at least in Judaism). You have a document that you both sign with two witnesses. It sets the terms of marriage, and of course, if the conditions are broken, it is grounds for divorce. That was the meaning of marriage in the first place. Not to mention that it is much cheaper to be legally treated as one unit rather than two individuals. Because weddings are fun and it`s a little unfair to say that someone can`t have one just because circumstances have led them to get married legally before they can plan the huge party.

There are many reasons to marry legally – for example, I will probably do it because we are both in the military and it will help my FH/husband park close to home. However, we can`t plan the wedding at the moment as our respective training plans are both in the air. As far as I know, the ACA legally requires that she be allowed to remain on her father`s insurance until the age of 26, even if she is married. I do not see what is so unusual about that. Many people are not very religious, so they distinguish between legal marriage (courthouse) and marriage ceremony (which may not be performed by someone who is legally allowed to marry people). You need to do a little research. In many states, if you live as a married couple, you may be considered a common-law couple, with potential spousal support and other arrangements if you separate. Also, think carefully about the impact it would have on your insurance. In some jurisdictions and with some insurance companies, living as a married couple is treated as a married couple and would invalidate their insurance anyway. My husband and I didn`t want to have a legal, just religious ceremony.

Unfortunately, I am disabled and needed her benefits immediately, and it takes a year of life “as a married couple” before you can be classified as a “common-law partner” in Canada. In the end, we signed all the legal documents separately from the ceremony at the church. I don`t mind helping her or even paying off all her debts if we get married, but I don`t want a scenario where, in 5 years, she decides to start a divorce, take half of my stuff and force me into poverty by paying her alimony for the rest of my life. The way the rules are currently set is that they encourage women to divorce men for financial gain, especially in my situation where the man is much richer. I`m not saying I recommend it, but I had a legal name change because I refused to tie myself to my ex`s credit problems. Everywhere we went, no one asked for a marriage certificate because our last names matched. The only strange look we ever had was when we moved to Quebec, where they don`t allow any party to use an “assumed” (married) name. And even then, they couldn`t do anything about it since it was the name on my birth certificate.

I also have the added benefit of remarrying, using my spouse`s last name, but still legally the same last name as my children. Where I live (Canada), you are pretty much in a marital relationship when you say it, no matter what type of ceremony. You need to make it clear that you both consider yourselves married – which is often done through joint bank accounts, taxes, etc. happens, but a marriage is definitely not necessary to present yourself as married. In a sense, I would probably get married if it weren`t for a legal document. I love it as a social celebration. I admit that sometimes I still struggle with the fact that it`s not reasonable for me to have the marriage I really want (with all my friends and family on the day I`m legally married), but I don`t think a stupid bureaucratic visa system should be to blame for my inability to have a wedding at all. First of all, Weddit has a HUGE bias on getting married LEGALLY on your wedding day. IDK why, but getting married legally any other day is always frowned upon here.

I haven`t established that this is true in the real world, so please take everything said here with a grain of salt!!! (or as a whole pound) My husband is a lawyer, so we knew exactly what our rights were when we got married. These rights are very important to us and characterize our relationship of simple coexistence. We got married knowing exactly what we had gained and what we had lost when we were legally married. We have been married for 26 years now and have no regrets. Personally, I get married legally a few months before my wedding. We are hooked to a cruise ship and the cruise line requires us to get a marriage license and anything in the state from which our cruise is departing, or that we do it at least a month in advance in the state where we live now. Our wedding day will always be the 6th. July when we say “yes” in front of our friends and family. Then there are those who are so serious about getting married that they have taken a second or third job so they can afford their marriage. My point is that a wedding is something that is taken seriously. “But in the eyes of the law, you would not be married” I would say that we know marriage rights very well.

If there were literally no differences between marriage and non-marriage, I doubt we would have bothered ourselves. It was not a party. That is, there are actually a number of legal and social benefits of marriage that are worth it. I understand. Why do I need government permission to get married? It`s like the big brother replacing the fathers. On earth and I am paradise. My fiancé and I discussed getting married before we got married so that his grandfather could do the ceremony for us instead of an official we didn`t know. We also talked about me changing my name and getting a passport for our honeymoon (in Canada you can only get 5 or 10 year old passports and it wasn`t worth the dollar when we got married in less than a year). 26 is still young enough to get married.

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